Lisbon – 2017 Ibero-American Capital of Culture

   As a member of UCCI(União das Cidades Capitais Ibero-Americanas), Lisbon was chosen to be the 2017 meeting point of the Ibero-American Culture. This vast universe of over 120 million people from the Iberian Peninsula and Central and South America come together and expresses itself through a variety of art forms.

   The theme for this year will be the Past and Present. The Past will be approached by the narratives of people exchange, specifically the afro-descendents broughtto the Americas, and the Latin american migrants in both sides of the ocean. Their lives, expectations and realities will be revived through the activities present on the programme, available at . The paradise of the American Countries of the Future as a concept created in the maritime explorer’s Iberian Peninsula will also be a central aspect contributing to the debate of the Ibero-American Past.

   Present comes along with exhibitions, concerts, conferences and cinema of Ibero American origin. Festivities of this cultural initiative are to be enjoyed as an expression of Present times.

   Lisbon’s city hall, the Ministry of culture and other cultural organizations worked together in assembling the Lisbon’s programmatic charter for this intercontinental cultural event. This programme will also encompass the contributions of hundreds of artists, producers, teachers, publicists and the people of Lisbon.